Jesse is an award winning creative producer, director and editor of commercial content, documentary, narrative fiction, music video an non-profit media, with a unique style and approach seen across projects. 

Jesse has edited award winning ads for brands such as Mattel, Teleflora, Quaker, Fischer-Price, Molson, Castle Lite, and Kraft, as well as directing award winning ads for Microsoft, Ford, Sun International, and Darling, working under various production houses in north america and africa.

Jesse directed the documentary feature film Material Success which won Best Film by Audience Choice at the Canadian Film Festival, and Best Documentary at The Toronto Independent Film Festival, and went on to screen internationally, securing distribution through Gunpowder & Sky.  In late 2017, Jesse co-produced and directed the 8 episode horror mini-series Forgotten Corpses - The Confinement, which is set to release in 2018, and has been editing a confidential feature documentary film on a war crimes whistle blower. 

Jesse is an BA graduate of Ryerson University Image Arts Film School,  studied for five years under John Riven the Sanford Meisner technique for acting & direction, and is currently based in Toronto, Canada.