Jesse is a passionate storyteller and creative, with a unique style and approach to projects seen across a body of work in commercials, music video, documentary and narrative film. 

The documentary film Material Success was Jesse's inaugural feature film debut as a director, which won Best Film by Audience Choice at the Canadian Film Festival, and Best Documentary at The Toronto Independent Film Festival, and went on to screen internationally. 

Jesse began a commercial career editing award winning ads for brands such as Mattel, Teleflora, Quaker, and Fisher Price, and went on to direct commercials campaigns for brands such as Microsoft, Ford, Sun International, and Darling. Projects have seen Jesse filming across Canada, South Africa, and the US.

Jesse continues to work as a director + editor in commercials, television, feature narrative and documentary film.

Jesse is an BA graduate of Ryerson University Image Arts Film School and studied under John Riven the Sanford Meisner technique for direction and is currently based in Toronto, Canada.